Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Revival Story…Episode 1

Elie Kallab, a good friend of mine and a classic cars lover, approached me to help him complete the restoration of his 1962 180c. Elie bought the car dismantled few years ago and completed the major part of the body work before abandoning the project.
Currently the body work needs to be “freshened” up before painting and assembling. The restoration of the upholstery, chrome, electrical system and all the never ending miscellaneous things will be part of the whole process. Mechanically, the car is in good condition, the engine is running but needs some fine tuning, however, the breaking system needs to be restored.
Elie already bought all the weather strips from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in the USA. Many of the missing parts will come from a complete but heavily rusted 1961 180b.
The end result should be a nice black with red interior Mercedes-Benz 180c.
Here are some pictures of the car. The restoration process should start in few days.

This blog will witness the revival of this ponton…Stay connected…

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