Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To Sabah

Today, the legendary diva Sabah left us…another symbol of the post independence Lebanon disappeared; a symbol of the “trentes glorieuses” era where the young republic and despite all the surrounding turmoil “knew” how to shine and excel.

Sabah, I always long to a beautiful era when I listen to your songs; an era I associate with the many pictures I saw and stories I heard of a certain “موسم عز", a certain short dream that landed once in my village Kfarhata in the early 70s, an era that I feel every time I listen to your beautiful “mawwal” "معنا بعدك و بتضل معنا".

Sabah, in one of your songs, Allo Beirut, you helped me feel, discover and know my city, you increased my love to it, to its people, its streets and its organized chaos. You projected me to moments where I walked around its old streets, listening to some of your songs coming out of Mercedes-Benz ponton and fintail tube radios. 

Sabah, with you gone, a beautiful part of Lebanon’s history ends; a part that I doubt will ever come back again…

Shine in the skies and keep on sweetening our lives with your beautiful voice and smile.