Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Thursday, May 21, 2015

About the Patience, the Love Affair, the Desire and the Dedication

"It takes the patience of a panda breeder and pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench to own a classic car".

That is how Ms. Jodie Harrison, the editor of MR PORTER's Journal ( described the owners of classic cars.
She is partially right; partially because I never thought about what I have already spent on my car during the past 20 years (yes time flew since I first acquired my 1961, Mercedes-Benz 180 in 1995) but truly I had the patience of a Panda breeder despite the so many feelings of resentment, discouragement and irritation I lived every time my car refused to start, or that malignant oil leakage didn't stop despite hours of work, or this rattling when passing on a small bump re-appeared again...etc...however, at the end, always, something unexpected happens, a certain luck, or coincidence brings the solution to the problem, makes me learn something new about my car and allows me to meet new experts enriching my mind with new stories...

Small villages' roads makes me live the Pontons era
Then comes that sunny spring day on that open road with the special one whom you know is just enjoying the ride because you do, that day that makes one forget all the pain and value the fact that he owns a superb classic car. Nothing compares to the feeling of driving on that small mountainous road, with an awesome scenery and some nice music radiating from the Becker Mexico tube radio...On these roads one values nature, values the machine he possesses and feels how each and every one of its component is performing.

Beautiful drive and weather with rejuvenating mother nature
Last Sunday, I decided to go on a road trip with Dona. We decided to visit the Barouk Cedars Reserve and the Chouf region surrounding it. 

With the famous 2000 years old Cedrus Libani
I drove my Mercedes-Benz 180 all the way there; at an altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level, we enjoyed the clean air, the old cedars and the few stone houses that have passed the test of time...

At 1943 meters above sea level 
After every road trip, every drive, every reparation, maintenance, waxing...etc. I become more and more aware that truly "classic cars are a love affair; they require consuming desire and dedication..."

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  1. Many thanks for this wonderful webside which gives us a wunderful overwiew with this rare pictures (with realy great cars) of the old "Paris of the East" before 1975, which is really hard to find today in the internet.All the Best , Harald (from Germany)