Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Monday, November 18, 2013

Swissvax Time

Keeping a classic car in perfect shape is on its own a demanding task especially if its owner is kind of perfectionist. For me, the cleanliness, shining and immaculate functioning of my Mercedes-Benz 180b is subject to no jeopardizing under any circumstances; I always look for original parts, trust two extremely well experienced mechanics and use the best, yes truly the best, paint caring products.
My car’s exterior color is the DB040 Black which on its own is one of the most difficult colors to take care of, hence the need to use the best products available on the market arises. After trying many brands I discovered Swissvax: a bespoke handmade series of waxes that vary in carnauba wax concentration and of course price. Using Swissvax on my car made me discover a new perception of “smoothness and shining”. In fact, I opted for the 2nd best product which is the Swissvax Concorso. The Concorso has a 52% concentration of natural carnauba wax along with many vegetable/ natural oils and aromas and constitute the best quality to price ratio in my opinion.
To keep my Mercedes-Benz’s paint in immaculate condition, I wax my car every 3 to 4 months using the non-abrasive Swissvax cleaner fluid and the famous Swissvax Concorso. The key to get the best result is the patience and love one puts in every polishing and buffing stroke! As a start, I clean my car from the garage’s dust and apply the cleaner fluid. Once done I wipe it out and buff it with the special Swissvax microfiber cloth. Afterwards, I apply the wax by hand and let it dry for few minutes before buffing it again.
The result is generally immaculate, making me forget the fatigue and stand speechless with amazement in front of my shining Mercedes-Benz. Time has come for waxing! I will try mixing two waxes together; the Swissvax Concorso and the Swissvax Shield - a new blend that is able to fight nature's harshest conditions - hoping to get an even better result…stay tuned for new pictures…

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