Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When You didn’t Like My Car

It is funny how one remembers episodes or flashes of some events that happened with him few years ago….the “few” suddenly become a decade, then more, making memories become hazy…just like the yellowish old pictures that make us wonder if colors in the past weren’t as flashy as they are today!

I still recall that day, in a certain year, at the beginning of the past decade, I was in my village Kfarhata along with my family, and I remember you came along with your family to have lunch at our place…As a young adult with the teenager still in me, I couldn’t but like you, find you funny, and of course beautiful…Someone had whispered in my ears that I should perhaps love you! I couldn’t back then, ahh that family thing that is always there... All I remember from that day was you not liking my car and hating the silly drive from Kfarhata to Kaftoun. No, I did not impress you with it… but who cared at the time; I was happy and you were beautiful!

When you left Kfarhata that day, I said to myself, destiny, that same implacable destiny that destroys some and helps others will reunite us. I didn’t know “he” had already made other plans and I didn’t assume our ships won’t sail in the same direction. I left to Montreal and you came to Beirut, I came back to Beirut few years later to find out that you had already left… Life evolved differently for both of us and I admit I still feel I missed a chance that happens once in a lifetime!

In few hours I will be looking at you crossing an important milestone in your life, I will be smiling, admiring your beauty and maybe regretting not approaching you when time seemed to be appropriate. It is true people grow up, learn from their mistakes, and evolve; I acknowledge I did so, but by paying a high price! Chance smiles once in a lifetime, but sometimes more…
Till then, I will be evolving in my own way to deserve someone like you!

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  1. This post is so romantic! I adore your blog and you seem to be an absolute sweetheart!
    I'm currently in the process of restoring my 1974 Volkswagen Beetle (so he's not quite classic)- and I can't imagine life without him- I call him Arty. If you get time to share your experience and any tips on restoration, I keep a blog of his progress here:

    Thank you, and take care