Behind the White Wheel

Behind the White Wheel

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yuliya and Her Cars

Many people contacted me after the article “Confessions of a Petrol Head” appeared in the ASW Newsletter. Big thanks go to all those who showed their support and shared my passion for classic cars.

Yuliya Vladkovska, a talented young artist, sent me a special message! She believes she shares my passion for classic cars “in a different way”… in painting!

Painting and drawing is a talent I’ve never had and was never able to acquire. I used to drop art classes at school and I’m known for my inability to even sketch a human being! (Ask my sister Youmna about it)…Hence, I look at artists with a lot of admiration and do my best to understand their abstract work and/or enjoy their colorful paintings…
Generally, Yuliya’s paintings mix basic shapes with lively colors; giving the scene itself an expressive and vibrant aspect.

Specifically, Yuliya combined painting and classic cars in an innovative manner. Something I find completely new. She admits her love for the classic look and the retro style of old cars. Her drawing style echoes, as she says, the time passing, the fine automobile design and a certain sophisticated taste.
Among her work (available at; I loved the paintings showing a Mercedes-Benz 190sl and an Austin-Healey respectively.

These paintings are in my opinion a vivid reflection of Yuliya’s perception of classic cars. This perception tackles the dilemma every classic car owner lives: How can one integrate his/her classic car in every day’s life? In other words, how can a 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old car be part of an environment it was not originally designed to fit in? The answer is a simple and universal one! Make your car a reflection of yourself! Keep it in immaculate condition and perceive it as the ultimate concrete aspect of your passion! Then and only then you will find a way to make it have that special place in your daily life.

Yuliya is the first artist I got really interested in her work. She is the only artist I know who created a link between my passion for classic cars and painting/drawing!

She is currently looking for new prototypes to complete her series “retro”. Well Yuliya, my car is at your disposition in case you decide to make it part of your portfolio…

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